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Holiday Grief Support Resources

Posted by ididnotknowwhattosay on November 18, 2013

How to Support a Loved one During the Holidays

The First Holidays After a Loss – How You Can Offer Your Support by Lori Pederson

12 Simple Ways to Support a Grieving Friend this Holiday Season by Lori Pederson

Be the Gift of Comfort, Joy and Love this Holiday Season by Lori Pederson

Less than Perfect by Lori Pederson

Eight Tips to Help Families Survive the Holidays After a Child Has Died  – The Compassionate Friends

Eight Things Not to Say to Bereaved Parents During the Holidays – The Compassionate Friends

How to Choose a Thoughtful Sympathy Gift by Lori Pederson

How can you help me this holiday season – Grief Tool Box

Thoughtful Sympathy Gift Ideas

Memorial Ornaments

Christian Sympathy Gift Ideas for Christmas

Holiday Grief Support Groups, Articles & Resources

GriefShare – Surviving the Holidays events & resources – http://www.griefshare.org/holidays

Good Grief CenterClick Here Holiday Support Groups at GGC

Grief & the Holidays: a Survival Guide – Good Grief Center for Bereavement Support

The Compassionate Friends Worldwide Candle Lighting
December 8, 2013 Click Here for Services in your area.

Surviving the Holidays – The Compassionate Friends

Coping with Grief during the Holidays – Funeralplan.com

Getting through the Holidays When You are Grieving by Maureen Hunter

Coping with Holiday Grief – Sutter Care at Home

Grief and the Holidays – Hospice Foundation of America

Children and Loss: When Holidays Trigger Grief – Psychology Today

Finding Holiday Joy Amid the Grief – WedMD

Meaningful Remembrance Ideas for Holiday Grief – Beliefnet.net

7 Ways to Deal with Holiday Grief – World of Psychology

The First Christmas After a Death by Susan Dunn

Helping Yourself Through the Holidays by Dr. Lee Drake, Ph.D. – The Compassionate Friends

Grief takes no holidays by Karen S. Sibert, MD – KevinMD.com

What’s Under Your Tree? by Nan Zastrow

Pre-Planning for the Holidays in BradentonSenior Care Bradenton

The Gift that Keeps on Giving by Carla Blowey – Open to Hope

Grief and the Holidays – Heart2Soul.com

Visit our website for additional resources on How to Support a Loved One this Holiday Season!

Click Here for Additional Grief Support Resources

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  2. […] Holiday Grief Support Resources (ididnotknowwhattosay.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] Holiday Grief Support Resources (ididnotknowwhattosay.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] just like to share this link that lists some helpful suggestions concerning grief and the holidays: https://ididnotknowwhattosay.wordpress.com/2013/11/18/holiday-grief-support-resources-2/ This site contains suggestions for those who have lost someone close, as well as suggestions for […]

  5. […] Holiday Grief Support Resources « I Did Not Know What To Say Blog […]

  6. […] Holiday Grief Support Resources (ididnotknowwhattosay.wordpress.com) […]

  7. […] Holiday Grief Support Resources […]

  8. […] Holiday Grief Support Resources (ididnotknowwhattosay.wordpress.com) […]

  9. […] Holiday Grief Support Resources […]

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