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Virtual Book Tour – Interview with Therese Benedict – Author of Days Go By, Not Love

Posted by ididnotknowwhattosay on June 14, 2011

Thank you for joining us on our Virtual Book Tour.

Today we Welcome Therese Benedict, the author of Days Go by Not Love. Therese’s interview and book offers many insights and practical suggestions on how to make positive changes in your life.

Please feel free to comment or share your own experiences in the comment section below.

Days Go by Not Love is featured on our Helpful Books page under our Virtual Book Tour.

1.   What inspired you to write the book Days Go By Not Love?

I was inspired and guided to write this book by God and his angels. As a clairvoyant, with the ability to communicate with God and his angels, I was given only the words for others to understand the beginning steps for them to change their life. There is so much to learn and so many directions that one can change their life that giving them too much information would only confuse them because of the amount of knowledge there is to help them change their life. So, I was only allowed to write a portion of what others needed to know so that they could succeed in their change of life.

I was also inspired to write this book because of the sadness and cruelty that is taking over this world while I watched the love diminish; knowing that there are so many people searching for answers for freedom from their pain. My gift allows me to illuminate areas of darkness in others who suffer from lack of love, pain, misery, depression and so on; to help bring them to a point of understanding of how to love oneself and to know there is a way out of this pain. By seeing others hurt their loved ones because they do not know how to love right – I know the answers and ways for each individual person because everyone needs help in different ways, so they may live of life of love.

2.   How have you used the steps in your book as you have gone through the challenges in your own life?

I have lived the steps outlined in my book through my entire life, which brought me peace in my soul because I always knew the love I carried for everyone. I always carried compassion no matter how bad a person treated me because I knew that they were lost. I have always stayed true to me and never let anyone change who I am. By living my life as this book speaks, I knew that not only could I help others through my gift of clairvoyance but that I also can relate to their pain from my own past experiences. I never gave up on who I was and because I loved myself in a right manner and trusted in God that I was granted my dreams with the love I knew that could exist but didn’t exist. It is not when we put our desires on our timeline that we receive our dreams, rather it is when we put our trust in God and allow time to lead the way to receive our dreams in which we desire. By following this guidance I met the most loving man, my husband, and I have reached several dreams.

3.   What would be your suggestions on how friends and family can support a loved one that has started to practice the steps you suggest in your book?

I would advise to them that their friends and family members will make mistakes that will upset them, but this is when they need to understand that hard times come with changing your life. It is also a wonderful way for them to learn in different directions, so they may grow even more with their change. To learn to appreciate hard situations because they can be a stepping stone for not only their friends and family but for the people that are supporting them as well. Friends and family can also support by learning how to communicate with compassion and not anger. This will only help them stay on track with changing their life and not giving up because they made a mistake. As I have stated before, mistakes are golden when used in a beautiful way. So when someone they love is trying to change their life from my book, I suggest that the people who are supporting them read the book as well so they may support them to their fullest.

4.   Do you find that people that have a strict religious background have a resistance to your teachings?

Yes, religion comes into play but only because of my gift. However, if they think about it, I am only teaching people what religions’ are about and that is love. Religion can make people run. I don’t bring up sins; I only teach what is right and what is wrong and help them change the wrongs to right. I am not a religious person but I live my life for God. I have a personal relationship with him as my father (just as if he were my father on earth) and I love him as my father and he loves me as his daughter. I talk to him as he is sitting right by me and knowing he hears my every word and know every emotion that I go through for him. I know he will protect me and love me and take care of me, for I live my life for him and his children. He has only shown me that he is by my side every second of my day and he shows me the love that he carries not only for me but for all of his children. So I teach what the church tries to teach but I do not teach the way the churches do. I help people become who they were created to be and to live a life of love to everyone that comes across their path, even if they do not know them personally. I still teach what is written in the bible but it is taught in such a way that people understand it better without the confusion of biblical words.

However, some religions do not believe that God seems to give some of his children a beautiful gift to help his children that are lost or looking for comfort. They think that we have demons inside of us, but we have the same thing inside of us that they do: GOD. I have only been blessed and see miracles everyday. Others’ negative thoughts will not change who I am and what I am here to do. I do not judge people because they do not believe in God, but I do have to say if they do not believe and do the actions in this book, they just might change their minds. I do not judge others because of what they have done in their life; my focus is only to help them see what they have done and to help them change their life. To bring freedom from their past pain and freedom from blindness and to help them stop their cruelty, so they may live of life of happiness themselves so they can be free of their misery.

5.   What is one thing you would like your readers to take away from your book?

That it is possible to change your life completely and that they have the power to make these changes along with the strength to do so… That changing their life is hard because the wrong seems to be much easier than the right and it really should be the other way around. With them learning that they can begin to trust in themselves and to find happiness within them and not within this world. For them to understand that it will not take the rest of their life to change and it will only take months; and to know that it is better to take those months to find happiness instead of living with misery and confusion of how to better themselves and their life for the rest of their lives. That they can become whole within themselves early in life and not at the later years of life.

6.   What would you like our readers to know about you and your book?

I have always known ever since I was a young girl that I was special and that I was here to help people. I could see and feel others pain within my soul. When others would do cruel actions that caused hurt to another, I seemed to know the answers and exactly how to respond to bring comfort in the hearts of those in pain or struggling. Even as a young child I always knew the answers between right and wrong and followed upon that intuitive guidance.

I love to help people! It is in my soul to bring peace and love to anyone who wants not to live a life of pain and confusion. I love seeing the peace and comfort in their eyes when they start to heal from their hurt and understanding of the hurt they caused. I love making this world a better place for us all.

My most recent book is called Days Go By, Not Love.  It was published by Tate Publishing and released on May 11, 2010. www.DaysGoByNotLove.com

Days Go By, Not Love is a spiritual self-help book that helps you identify the beginning steps to changing your life. It is a book that helps you find the inner and true you: fully. It helps you see the wrongs that not only others are doing but it helps you see your wrongs that you are committing. It gives you the answers to help you change those actions and live your life with more beauty and less cruelty. This book helps you open your eyes to what you have not seen within yourself. It is a book about how to love you right and others right. It brings insight to a deeper meaning of the word love.

7.   Is your book Days Go By Not Love part of a series, if so, when do you plan to release the next issue?

I am finishing the second book of the Days Go By, Not Love four-book series now and getting it ready for review from publishers with the intention of having it out by the end of this year. This book will be the continuing knowledge in your steps of change, while bringing more insight at a deeper depth of knowledge.

8.   Where can our readers buy the book?

My book is available in all major book stores and online. However, when you purchase my book through Amazon and enter in your Amazon order confirmation # on my website www.daysgobynotlove.com you will immediately be able to download Thousands of Dollars in FREE Bonus Gifts from world renowned leaders, experts and best-selling authors in the field of self-help, inspiration, spirituality, health-wellness and more…

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Virtual Book Tour – Interview with Michael Corrigan, Author of A Year and a Day

Posted by ididnotknowwhattosay on June 4, 2011

Thank you for joining us on our Virtual Book Tour. 

Today we Welcome Michael Corrigan, the author of  “A Year and a Day”. Michael’s interview offers many insights and practical suggestions on how to assist a widower heal after the loss of a spouse.

Please feel free to comment or share your own experiences with grief and the healing process in the comment section below.

“A Year and a Dayis featured on our Helpful Books page under Loss of a Spouse.

And now our interview with Michael Corrigan: 

1. What inspired you to write the book “A Year and a Day”?
My therapist knew I was a writer and thought keeping a journal would help put the grief in context. It helps to confront grief and take away its power.  I was surprised to find very few men who sought help for grief; in fact,  many considered it ‘unmanly.’ It’s the so called strong silent type that often commits suicide.

2. How did losing your wife change your life?
Karen was a lovely person, so deserving of more years, so it’s a devastating experience that darkens one’s world. It starts with a shock but then the reality sets in, and there’s a terrible emptiness and feeling of loss. I felt like I would serve a life sentence of grief. The passage of time meant little, and grief goes in cycles. With time, however, grief can lose its sting.

3. How is the death of a spouse different from divorce?
Divorce is often mutually agreed upon. Divorce indicates something is wrong with the relationship. Death is brutal and often A Year and a Dayunexpected, and can affect couples who are happy.

4. What are your top three suggestions to help people move forward in the grieving process after the loss of a spouse?
Use one’s friends, get involved in projects, even volunteer work, and always seek professional counseling.

5. Is there any one thing that your family or friends did for you that assisted you through the grieving process?
I had friends take me out to dinner or plays, and one friend came by once a week to play music. It did help. One needs distractions. Eventually, the counselor, Tanya Forsman, suggested I seek a partner and that included websites for dating. That was after a year and a half. Before that, dating would have been impossible. I believe there should be at least a year of facing the grieving process.

6. What do you wish your family or friends had done differently after you lost your wife?
I felt everyone acted appropriately. I had problems with some friends who pretended it never happened, but I wanted to talk about Karen. It’s a common misconception: don’t mention the lost loved one for fear of hurting someone’s feeling.

7. Our website focuses on providing tips to friends and family members on how to support a loved one through the grieving process. What would be your suggestions on how friends and family can support a loved one that has lost a spouse?
Offer your services and presence, and be willing to discuss the person lost to the bereaved. Some offered me grief books that did help.

8. What is one thing you would like your readers to take away from your book?
Some of the raw emotions in the journal disturb me now, because I have moved beyond that point, but I hope it is a tribute to Karen and it also teaches the reader they are not alone. We will all go through the grief process if we live along enough. Joan Didion discusses that in her book.

9. What would you like our readers to know about you and your book?
The book was written as a way to communicate with and remember Karen and to face the daily grind of grief and loss. I hope my book celebrates Karen Lea Smith Corrigan.

10. Have you written any other books? Do you plan to write any other books in the future?
I am a writer and I have written and published six books and many articles. I have written two books about the Irish American experience. Four of my books, including the grief journal, are on Kindle. I certainly will continue writing. It is what I do.
You can find me on Amazon and at Author’s Den.

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