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Our Interview with Mary-Suzanne Peters on Reference Point Therapy

Posted by ididnotknowwhattosay on April 7, 2010

What is the basic concept around Reference Point Therapy (RPT)? 

Reference Point Therapy (RPT) is a new healing modality from Australia that uses the principles of Quantum Physics to release and clear trauma and negative emotional vibrations from their point of origin (which is usually before birth).  These vibrations create the beliefs and feelings that paint with negative paintbrushes on the reality of our lives. 

Can Reference Point Therapy be used to heal depression or grief?

I’ve used RPT to heal grief and depression both in myself and in others. Feelings of sadness and loss are a natural and healthy part of the process of letting go of someone who has passed from this physical reality.  It is when they are compounded by already existing patterns of loss and sorrow that there can be cause for concern.  If there’s been a lot of grief or depression in a family for generations, then it is likely that members of the family will have inherited this in their cellular biology

How does Reference Point Therapy work?

RPT works from the point of origin to allow these emotional vibrations to release.  It is a gentle and easy process of allowing that usually smaller first vibration to let go.  Also, at the point of that first vibration associations are made between the negative vibration and survival, safety or love and with these associations in our subconscious anything that is a minor threat is also triggered.   It is this source vibration and the associations that like the cartoon snowball starts to grow through the generations and becomes an avalanche of emotional tones such as grief and depression.  With this in play, it makes dealing with the losses throughout our current life seem insurmountable. 

If a friend is suffering from grief or depression, how would you suggest talking to them about using Reference Point Therapy?

This is a tough question because it depends so much on the situation and the friend to whom you are speaking.  First and foremost, be sensitive to the situation.  Many have tried so many things for grief and depression that they just don’t believe anything can work.  The good news about RPT is that you don’t need to believe in it.  However, you do need to be willing to be a part of the process. Often a difference can be felt in one session, so probably the best way is to ask “what have you got to lose” in checking it out. 

What has attracted you to using Reference Point Therapy in your own life?

RPT is the most powerful and fastest energy change modality I’ve found.  I’ve been on a quest for most of my life to find ways to heal deep feelings of not being good enough, being unloved, second best and feelings of loss.  This journey has led me though many healing modalities, so I feel that I have the experience to judge.  When I found RPT, I was already developing something along the same lines myself.  RPT was much more elegant and simple than what I’d been using, so I adopted it. 

About Mary-Suzanne Peters 

Mary-Suzanne Peters is a well-known Southern California spiritual teacher and healer with over 30 years experience in personal growth training, workshop development, facilitation and personal counseling and coaching.  She has taught over 100 classes in various aspects of healing and writes a popular blog, www.referencepointtherapyla.com, which deals with issues of healing and spirituality.

Suzanne grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and realized early on that she felt more anxiety and negatively inside her than others. This was the driving force that led her on her healing journey toward the self-love that she now feels.  Her journey led her through NLP, est, LifeSpring, Insight Training Seminars, Conyers Consciousness Clearing and eventually to become a Theta Healing teacher. Like Simon Rose, founder of RPT, she, too, was puzzled as to why certain people healed and certain ones didn’t and had been experimenting on her own with new ways to achieve faster, fuller and easier methods of emotional and physical healing.  Upon finding Reference Point Therapy, her response was “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!.”

She is also a professional photographer, artist and marketing/creativity consultant.  Spring boarding from a position as an Executive Vice President of a management consulting firm, she founded several companies and has been an executive coach, workshop facilitator and leadership development consultant to Fortune 500 companies including Taco Bell, Nike, Kentucky Fried Chicken, American Express and Resorts International.  Believing that action and learning go together, Ms. Peters facilitated workshops centered around golf and scuba diving.  She incorporates synergistic interaction, fun, laughter, joy, and movement in her classes as well as her private coaching.  Her current clientele include people from around the world. 

Suzanne sees clients face to face in the Los Angeles area and via telephone and Skype.  She also conducts group RPT synergy healing classes via teleconferences.

“My greatest joy is seeing the sparkling diamond that is our true beingness emerge as the limiting vibrations and trauma that has clouded our forward progress dissolves.” — Suzanne

To Schedule your RPT session, contact Mary-Suzanne at (818) 590-0062!

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