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Is it ok to send a note by email or an E-Card to someone that has lost a loved one?

Posted by ididnotknowwhattosay on March 20, 2010

Email is still a relatively new medium and we are all trying to figure out the best uses for this type of communication. I personally have received many emails of support and encouragement from my friends and family when I have lost a loved one. But I am an everyday email user. Email and E-Cards can be sent in the moment and you do not have to wait for the mail to be delivered.

It is important to remember when you are using email that you should put as much thought and heart into your message as you would if you were handwriting a card or letter. Often emails are written in a rush, so take care and make the extra effort if you are going to use this type of communication.

If the person you are sending a card to is not a frequent email user, it is best to not use this method of communication. They may not receive the email timely or at all if they only check their email occasionally.

Remember…personable and heart felt connections are what matters when someone is grieving. A phone call and/or a face to face visit is usually the best way to connect.

Let us know your thoughts.


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